Creative Resources

cuttingboardAre you using quality ingredients in your video?

When you step into your digital kitchen to cook up some delicious video, the resources that you use to produce it will have a dramatic impact on the quality.


When the Science Media Lab goes shopping for video supplies, this is where they start:

Resource Type Site/Address Cost Notes
Audio/Image/Video n/a Check licensing to ensure compliance
Special Effects Free/Paid Resources licensed software (After Effects)
Image n/a  
Image n/a Read EULA
Image n/a  
Image $2-10 Read EULA, licensing required
Audio n/a Try the "Wizard" tool.
Audio n/a  
Audio n/a  
Audio n/a  
Audio n/a Great SFX
Audio $25-$100 Read EULA, licensing required
Audio $75-$300 Sign up for an account well in advance
Fonts n/a Read EULA, Check licensing/restrictions




Although it should go without saying, always (ALWAYS) read the end user license agreements, terms of service, copyright limitations and any documentation that stipulates usage limitations/requirements before putting any third-party resource into your video.  Do your own due dilligence with respect to usage, and if you are in doubt, consult a legal expert or find an alternative.
Please remember to respect the rights of other artists.  Many have graciously offered their resources to you at no cost, the very least we can do as video professionals is respect the terms they put forth for usage.