Awards Gala

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Prepare for an exciting evening of ten films prepared in 24 hours by McMaster University students, staff, faculty, and alumni as well as Hamilton area High School students. Each of the ten films film will be reviewed by our panel of judges (the audience!) LIVE!

Some pretty sweet prizes will be given out in a number of different award categories - and you'll also have a chance to cast your vote for the prestigious Audience Choice Award - so be sure to bring your friends.

Looking for more details about parking, directions, and public transit? to LR Wilson Hall, McMaster University

Wha? 24 Hours to Make a Short Film?

That's right, you'll be watching the final films that were selected from our competition, where participants were given a prop, location, and line of dialogue and had only 24 hours to produce a short (5 minutes or less).

Submissions include representation from all different faculties on campus, and a variety of stories and genres are explored: but you'll have to wait and see which top 10 entries get screened on Friday, May 25th, 2018 at 6:30PM - it'll be a surprise for everyone (well, maybe not us).